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After two months on hiatus, I got back to banging around on PS last week, and good fucking grief, it was an uphill battle bringing this batch to fruition! This is mainly due to the fact that I was dumb enough to challenge myself to use all the words and textures provided in the inspiration post (focused on the four elements: air, earth, fire, and water), which actually hindered a lot of my creativity. I gave up on the texture portion of the challenge after utilizing half of them cuz the process just felt like such a drag when I was forcing myself to work with things that weren't fitting in organically. It didn't help that PS was being so damn impossible and wouldn't open on my computer despite repeated reboots and plenty of enraged howls and relentless cursing. (I almost threw my library book across the room in frustration, but somehow managed to refrain from doing it.) Anyway, I did manage to shape every icon upon one of the inspiration words (some far more loosely than others), so the idea wasn't a complete bust. There are a handful of pieces that I truly love right now, and there are also definitely a few that make me shake my head in regret, but I was running very low on free time as well as battling a non-responsive technological dinosaur, so I'm glad I finished this insane task at all. Besides, there's always stuff I love and hate in every single post, so I suppose this is really just the norm for me. Here's hoping you enjoy these many icons of the latest Man of Steal My Heart Steel, also known to most lowly mortals as Henry Cavill!

I hereby dedicate this post to the obscenely talented [ profile] neversleeps. Mikell, laughing with you about male celebs in our conversations at [ profile] ghostspoons brightened up gloomy days at work this year, and if I weren't too lazy to check out LJ more often, I would totally pester you all the time for more hilarious chitchat! Can you please stop producing icons though? I need one less maker to envy, and your coloring and text work have been making me weep bitterly for years. Please and thank you.

Let's keep it real, this is far from my best work, so any feedback or constructive criticism is tremendously useful and certainly appreciated. I have a knack for obscuring subjects to the point where they're difficult to make out or comprehend, which sounds senseless to most normal people, but I gravitate toward it like a moth to a flame. (Only did it once or twice here though...I think.)Feel free to ask me what the hell is going on in any of these icons if you can't make heads or tails of it! :P

NOTE: When you snag something, please credit me and the comm, so people won't friend my personal journal when they're merely searching for my graphics. Many thanks!

Henry Cavill

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