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It's been two whole months since I posted any icons so I'm quite overdue. I honestly hadn't even thought I'd make anything in April, but the latest round at [ profile] inspired20in20 just captivated my mind and so did a peek at my old Megan Fox image folder! This month's theme was "Masquerade," and the idea was to obscure the subject in every icon through heavy texture use, close or strangely angled crops, shadows and silhouettes, etc. Obscuring images is one of my fave things to do, so I had a fantastic time with the theme even though I did run out of steam by the time I was down to the last four pieces or so. I've used plenty of these photos before, and oddly enough, I ended up unconsciously achieving pretty much the exact same coloring in one of them as I did in a previous icon I made back in December '11. I found that so crazy considering you can go a bunch of different directions with this particular image since it's not a tough one to work with. Anyway, I hope I did a proficient job of maintaining an air of mystery in every piece. Ultimately, it seems like my claim is Megan's lips since that's all you can see in most of these icons! :P

I am proud to dedicate this batch to [ profile] hamarakissa and [ profile] iamabadwolf, two very awesome friends of mine who happen to appreciate Megan's face as much as I do. Val, we've been friends for years, and I'm constantly awed by your personal strength and how you always push through no matter how exhausting and painful your life gets. You deal with so much crap that you don't deserve, babe, but you're a warrior so keep up the good fight. And as for you Meg, consider this a belated birthday present, my dear! You've also been through a lot during the years that I've known you, but you're a fighter, too, so you never give up. I hope you both know that I'm always rooting for you and ready to lend a shoulder or an ear like you've always done for me. <3

To anyone kind enough to impart some feedback and/or concrit, I thank you very much for continuing to help me improve with this funky hobby of mine. I do this just for fun, but talking with y'all makes it feel that much more exciting and worthwhile! :D

NOTE: When you snag something, please credit me and the comm, so people won't friend my personal journal when they're merely searching for my graphics. Many thanks!

Megan Fox

[1-38] Megan Fox (plus [ profile] inspired20in20 batch)

hidden angle broken blink hide and seek
shadow underneath flare claustrophobic closeup
lightning secret overlap corner partial
behind whisper camouflage spectrum extreme

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